4270 gets away from Hampton Loade4270 gets away from Hampton Loade4270 restarts her train from Hampton Loade, with a Friday evening working for Bridgnorth.
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The 2015 Spring Steam Gala at the Severn Valley Railway would kick off a year of celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of the railway, with four guest locomotives attending the gala and a total of five locomotives in steam.

War Department 8F No. 90733, from the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway
Webb 'Coal Tank' No. 1054, from the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway
London Transport Pannier Tank No. L92, from the South Devon Railway
GWR 4200 Class No. 4270, from the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway.

'Autotank' No. 1450
Pannier Tank No. 1501
Small Prairie No. 4566
2800 Class No. 2857
Rebuilt Bulleid Light Pacific No. 34053 'Sir Keith Park'.
1450 & L92 arrive at Kidderminster4270 gets away from Hampton Loade1054 at Highley1054 at Highley1054 stands proud1054 at HighleyThe 'Dub Dee' arrives at Highley.....and passes the 'Coal Tank'90733 waits at Hampton Loade4270 departs Hampton Loade'Sir Keith Park' departs Hampton Loade2857 leaves Highley4270 approaches Highley4270 at Highley1501 departs Highley with the goods4566 arrives at Arley4566 at Arley4566 at ArleyL92 takes water at Kiddermisnter1450 at Kidderminster

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