Zenfolio | Dan Green | Bredgar & Wormshill Light Railway - 1st June 2014
Lady Joan leaves Warren WoodLady Joan leaves Warren Wood

The B&WLR were running a total of 5 locomotives, 3 steam and 2 diesel, for their June open day.

The day also featured a celebration of World War Two.

The locomotives running were:

Lady Joan - This machine, built by Hunslet in 1922 for a North Wales slate quarry, is privately owned, and was operating for the first time publically after some major works.
No. 9 Limpopo - Built by Fowler in 1930, this loco spent her working life at the Sena Sugar Estates in Mozambique.
No. 7 Victory - This locomotive was built in 1897 and spent her working life in Australia before arriving to the UK in 1996.

No. 5 Bredgar - Baguley Drewry diesel locomotive, spending her working life at MoD Milford Haven before coming to Kent.

MoD No. 54 Milstead - This is one of 3 locomotives that arrived at the BWLR in January 2014 straight from service with the Ministry of Defence.
Lady Joan awaits departureLady Joan leaves the car-park.......with Bredgar in hot pursuit to go on shed.Showman's engine, "The Mighty Atom".War breaks outUnder AttackBredgar heads towards Stony ShawWW2 DemonstrationVictory approaches Warren WoodVictory sits with the mixed trainLimpopo arrivesLimpopo approaches the haltLimpopo heads for Warren WoodBredgar arrives at Stony ShawBredgar runs roundCouplingsBredgar leaves Stony ShawLimpopo arrives